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The "Sleep Well" EP was released in 2023, and includes the singles Sleep Well, Unsaid, & Listening. These songs are the introduction to a larger project dealing with the distant memories of my childhood, and the present experience of being a father to my own children. The remaining tracks are planned for release in Fall 2024.


Cover songs


2018 | The Every Hour

A worship EP from the book of Exodus

"The Every Hour" is an EP of worship music released in 2018. Designed as one complete worship set, it is a blend of 3 original songs and 2 hymns, "Shall We Gather at the River" and "I Need Thee Every Hour".

2018 | The Every Hour Worship EP | SampleDan Morse
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CoverVersion2 copy.jpg

2012 | The Way We Fall In Love

An Album about growing up while being in love

"The Way We Fall In Love" was the title track of this project all about the risk and reward of falling in love, and learning to receive the love of another. Recorded in a spare closet, in a spare bedroom, with the last spare time I had before my first child was born.

2012 | The Way We Fall In Love | SampleDan Morse
00:00 / 04:22

2009 | Breaking Through

A foray into more poetic writing and songs about faith

"Breaking Through" was my sophomore album, and ironically written primarily during my sophomore year of college. A departure from the acoustic love songs on my first album, and a foray into more poetic writing and songs about faith.

2009 | Breaking Through | SampleDan Morse
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2007 | Surviving Summer's Eves

My first album, Never Released Digitally (Until now)

"Surviving Summer's Eves" was my first official album, which was a collection of love songs written during a summer away from home. Recorded during winter break in my paren't basement, and distributed throughout dorm rooms on my college campus. These songs were never released digitally, and are only available here (and at the occasional show)!

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