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Michigan Harbor Studios

About Michigan harbor

In short, Michigan Harbor is my home studio, located in Council Bluffs, IA. As an acoustically designed and treated space, it's great for audio work of all kinds, but also for song cowriting sessions, art creation, video production and all manner of design projects. So it's more than a recording studio, its a creative space...and my favorite room of my house. ​ The name "Michigan Harbor" came to me while I dreamed about what it looked like to create a space for creativity to not only grow, but be sent out into the world. Growing up I spent quite a few summers traveling to Michigan for summer vacation, where we would meet some family friends for a week of camping, canoeing, and walking along the shore of Lake Michigan. It came to represent both a time of close community, but also a place where I had the time to dream. Dreaming about the year behind, and ahead, and even where I first started writing songs. Creative pursuits can be a lonely endeavor if we're not careful, and every artist I know experiences some level of fear when it comes time to release their work into the world. What results is a lonely, circular path of constant re-writes, edits, and constantly asking the questions "is this good enough". Over the last few years I've come to the realization that I don't just want to write more songs, though that's part of it. I want to release more songs, and I don't want to do that alone. I want to partner with other musicians, and artists, and songwriters in this work. I believe that perhaps together, we can silence the fear of "not being good enough"...and instead ask questions like "am I putting out enough good work?". Good songs. Good artwork. Good stories that point people to a good God.


Providing these services has become a huge part of enabling me to continue making music and art as a profession. It's an honor and joy to work with other artists, musicians, and businesses to bring their music/products/craft to the rest of the world!

I offer a free consultation for any project you have in mind, which includes a custom price estimate. Please reach out with any questions or to get a consult scheduled!



  • Audio recording/mixing/production

  • Commercially treated live room

  • Podcast production and editing

  • Commercial music/audio ads



  • Product photography for e-commerce

  • Photo/Video editing

  • Studio equipped with full size green screen

  • Teleprompter available for script reading



  • Graphic design (logos, poster, t-shirts, etc.)

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Content

  • Digital Ads



  • ​Beginning Guitar - bi-monthly lessons with Dan

  • Church Sound Consultation - a free service for churches, to improve equipment performance and better equip volunteers.

or email me directly at

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