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Image by Kiwihug

Home Portraits

Commission a hand painted, ink & watercolor portrait of your home.

2023 Pricing Guide

Pricing art can be challenging, because so many factors determine the hours of work a given subject will require. I try to keep my pricing as simple as possible, and generally use the total square inches of the finished piece to calculate the price.​ Prices below are estimates (but are usually pretty close), and a final price will be set before we begin. Frame and matte can also be added at the cost of materials, and shipping is dependent on your location.

5 x 7 - $99


Large enough to show a surprising amount of detail, and very affordable.

8 x 10 - $225


My favorite size. Big enough to show the details, character, and charm that makes your house unique.

Custom - $3/

Have a home that doesn't fit the standard photo dimensions? Great! Let's make something as unique as your home.


Need a digital copy to share with family members, or to use on your Christmas cards? Get a color matched PDF as an add-on to any of the above

Image by Kiwihug

LEt's get started!

Please fill out your contact info below, and I'll reach out with some more details!

Contact Preference

Thanks for reaching out! You should hear from me in the next day or two!

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