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The Far Side, and New Horizons

The words "I'm leaving the camera in the lander" forever echoed in Neil's mind afterward.

I used to spend HOURS pouring over Gary Larson's #farside cartoon books. He had a magical way of weaving a whole story into one image and a single line of text. He was a master story teller, and I often try to emulate him in my own comics. I'm also a big #spacenerd so I have to draw a good 'ol #blackandwhite ink drawing of space every now and then. This one was #penandink and a little bit of #watercolor for the black.

Can you imagine what it would have felt like to have that first look at the earth from the moon?? I like to believe there's just a little bit of that experience in every new piece of #art and every new #song that gets created. For just a moment, you're the only one who's ever laid eyes on what's unfolding, or has ever heard that sound before. There's a magic in the process of making that I can't quite get over to this day. Here's to many more "first view" experiences in the days to come!

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