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Course Corrections

I have a soft spot for lighthouses, ever since the first one I saw on Lake Michigan as a kid. There's something about them that captures the imagination, and they also serve as a powerful symbol of both warning and safety.

Funny thing about lighthouses, they can actually serve one of two purposes. Some lighthouses stand at the entrance to a safe harbor and invite ships into a refuge from the storm. OTHERS are placed near rocks and reefs, and warn ships to stay away!

Here's what I'm learning this week: Ships could never effectively navigate by just aiming for the next bright light on the horizon. They needed a really good map and compass...and they needed to make a million tiny course corrections as they went.

So do I.

A lot of things are uncertain in my life right now. Sure I have some goals, some dreams, and some questions. But I'm resisting the urge to desperately make for the next shiny lighthouse. I'm fighting my desire for certainty and safety at all costs. Instead, I'm trusting the map, I'm trusting the Lord, and I'm planning to make about a million course corrections as I go.

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