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Inktober52 Week 9: “Botany”

I’ll admit my first thought was a #plantsvszombies picture, so I kept the sunflowers…but decided to mull this idea instead.

There’s an idea that’s become popular over the last few years that’s essentially “your joy is the highest good”. It masquerades under phrases like “self care” and “you do you” and “pursue your happiest self”. I know I’m ruffling some feathers here.

I’m not opposed to taking care of your body, and pursuing good mental health. But if all of your mantras include “self”…you might actually be missing an important piece of joy equation!

There is surprising joy found only in serving the needs of others! There is surprising encouragement in lifting up the downhearted! If pursuing joy for yourself has left you unsatisfied, might I recommend pursuing the joy of another? Worst case scenario someone else gets a little more sunshine.

#selfcare #youdoyou #highestself #highestjoy #meditations #inktober52 #botany #sunflowers #community #others #ink #inkdrawing #micron #fineliner

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